More balance in your portfolio?

FMB Investments is an independent financial manager and guide for which the interest of the client comes first. The prevention of losses is the most important factor for building returns. With experience since 1981, we recognize the importance of capital preservation like no other.

FMB investments helps you by investigating your personal and financial situation and guides you to the appropriate manager for your assets. This guidance won’t be one-off. We remain involved no matter what. FMB Investments closely collaborates with a select group of asset managers that have a similar vision in key areas.

In addition to proven rebalancing strategies or a unique 100% flexible asset management solution offered by asset managers we selected, depending on your position and wishes we can also guide you to a distinctive investment solution that is not correlated to fluctuations in the financial markets.

In short, the perfect solution for individuals, Family Offices, High Net Worth's, pensions, foundations and small pension funds.