Mission & Vision

Our mission is to preserve capital in a personal involved and integer way with the aim of realizing capital growth.

There are two starting points:
1. Capital preservation
2. Return/performance
Both should form the basics to a distinctive capital growth.

Within the banking sector, the credit crisis started a process of destruction of faith, service and knowledge. This process encourages the further development of the market for family offices and asset managers, as well as for boutique managers that offer exclusive and distinctive products.

Where many parties continue to manage assets in the traditional way, our selection distinguishes itself from the crowd by doing it differently.

As the world is changing continuously, asset management requires a change in approach. We therefore see a future in distinctive innovative, but understandable products; flexible, liquid and transparent. We also see a future in products that know to create added value by cleverly utilizing niches in the financial markets. Added value such as higher returns with less risk.