'Armgard Strategy'

What are the main characteristics of our asset management?

• Simplicity - understandable investment product
• Flexible - easily switching to other markets
• Liquidity - investments in highly liquid ETF’s ( index trackers )
• Transparent - clear rates

Why do we differ from the usual asset management based on a client profile?
In your interest our asset management is 100 % flexible.  We will immediately switch to other markets if necessary. This is in contrast to many other banks and asset managers. 100 % flexible, because it makes no sense to stay invested in i.e. equities when they are crashing while a rigid ‘client profile’ tells you to do so.

How did we build our management model?
In a distinctive way we manage your assets to ‘market development’. By using skilled econometricians, a unique and stable management model was developed over the years.

How does it work?
This strategy is applied to a very wide spread and yet clear portfolio. Using ETF’s, positions are actively and systematically monitored according to a strict observance of the management model. The positions are distributed among the asset classes: equities, bonds, commodities, real estate and cash.

What happens if we have to intervene?
If for example the trend of a stock ETF ( index tracker ) turns downward, we will sell the first half of that position and buy a diversified bond ETF. When a down trend is confirmed, this switch will be made also for the second half of that position​​. We do so, because we still remain partly involved with the rising trend in case of a "false move" / false move downward (and thus the upward trend continues).

Where do you transfer your assets?
On your behalf we will open an investment account in your name with a reputable custodian bank, to which account you can transfer your money safely. Your assets will be managed based on a so-called tripartite agreement.